Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing with Vinyl

It's been a few days since I've been on, but since then my living room is just about complete, just need a couple of tables and some decorations and we're done! I hung some family pictures we had taken last year and decided I'd try some vinyl letter, I haven't done too much with that. I think it turned out pretty good. I used MTC (yes, that's the program I chose. I love it!!) and Cricut vinyl.

The room that was previously my living room and will eventually become a dining room is now being used as a crop room :-)  It was so nice to have everything organized when I did the layout for the lettering. No dragging things out and a simple little project becoming a big ordeal. My Cricut is out and hooked up and I was able to do the layout on my laptop, go straight to the desk and hook up and hit print. I can't wait until I will be totally set up and able to work like that all the time! Our next home improvement projects will be sliding glass doors for my kitchen. Painting the kitchen and "crop" room, then laying wood floors. After all that is complete, I'll have lots of time to sit and craft! Until then, I'll try to squeeze in a scrapbook/papercraft project every once in awhile.

Until next time.... enjoy the beautiful weather! Spring is on it's way!!


  1. Hi Kathy, love the wall grouping. I passed a blog award on to you, hope you accept and pass it on to others. Go to my blog and check it out at

  2. I love this... so you choose MTC. what did you like about it over SCAL?

  3. I have Design Studio and Gypsy, SCAL I played a little with but in all fairness, didn't really give it a chance once I tried MTC. It is so easy to use, especially for me just I watched quite a few videos and tutorials on all of them and MTC by far (in my opinion) the easiest. I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on my crafts like I'd like to, but this took no time at all and I loved being able to use a font on my computer.

  4. Its great to have a workspace that you can put all your supplies and equipment. I only just got my cricut out, it was previously in the box it came in and seemed like a chore to get out. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished space. Stay blessed Amanda