Monday, January 31, 2011

This and That

A few pictures of some things I made for Christmas. I've used a mixture of paper and embellishments, cricut cartridges, stamps, etc. In the future, as I start a project, I'll keep track of how I've done things and the material/tools used and list them with the project for your reference.

My first attempt at Christmas cards. I only had to send out a couple of store bought cards this year.

I found this Christmas card holder as a kit. It is made out of wood and I decorated the front and back with paper and painted the ornaments before gluing them on.
Gift bags with matching tags. This was a very nice and easy project that I learned while at a Creative Memories weekend retreat in September.

This Photo Explosion box was also another fun project that was taught at the retreat. I waited until I came home to make mine. Each page, front and back is decorated with either paper/embellishments or photos or both. Mine is full of pictures of my two beautiful granddaughters.

This was a blank chipboard book kit I bought at Michaels for $1.00 at Michaels around Christmas time. I papered and embellished each page and made a photo album. I still have quite a few of these blank books in different shapes I need to work on. Always thinking..

I think that's it for most of the projects I worked on the last few months leading up to Christmas. The next post will be a few shots of my albums.

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